Sunday, August 3, 2008


We decided it was time to try out the movies with Dougie this weekend. The weather was pretty crappy this morning, so we packed up the diaper bag (with milk and cookies for the movie and some for Rawson!) and we were off!

We told Dougie that we were going to see Ross at work and that we were going to watch a movie on a very big TV...he really had NO CLUE what we were talking about, but we went in, chatted with Ross and gave him his cookies and then headed to the theatre. We did it right, we got popcorn and LOTS of napkins, since the kid behind the counter smothered it in butter (Dougie didn't seem to mind!) We got to the theatre with enough time to get settled, we put Dougie in between us, only problem was, he didn't weigh enough to hold the seat down, it almost folded in on him! I remembered seeing booster seats in the hallway, so I went off on a mission to find one. It made it so much easier for him to see the screen and the chair didn't fold up on him anymore...great invention!

Once he was seated comfortably, it was like he knew exactly what to do...he sat there, eating popcorn out of a HUGE bad and never took his eyes off the screen. It was GREAT!

We made it almost an hour into the movie and Dougie seemed a little bit antsy. At one point he did turn to me and ask me to go home, but once the movie got going again, he was really into it. WALL-E was adorable. Very cute and worth a see. We'll definitely be buying it on DVD!


Mandy said...

Hi Pam, I hope you don't mind me stopping by your blog. I am 27 and a fifth grade teacher, and I was just looking around out there and came across your blog.

I am dying to see Wall-e! My sister took her three year old and loved it, so now I am trying to talk my hubby into taking me!

Pam said...

What state do you teach in? I love 5th grade, I taught 8th grade for two years and then taught 5th grade, I'm never leaving!