Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I just got off the phone with a parent of one of my students from last year. What a wonderful student she is! I will truly miss her next year (well, in a few weeks, anyway) when she isn't in my class. I've been struggling with an issue I've had since the end of the year where she was put on the wrong team (6th grade has two teams--purple and white) by a computer error. You would think that the people in charge would listen to my explanation and fix the problem, but they WILL NOT BUDGE. No matter what I say or do, they just repeat their stance...that they don't change the team a student is placed on unless there is a safety issue. Great. I think your policy is wonderful! Good for you! It really does help teachers and parents understand that we know what we are doing. HOWEVER...this was a computer error! I'm not asking you to change her team because she needs to be with her friends or because I don't like her teachers...I"m asking you to change her team because the computer put her on the opposite team that I asked her to be put on....the team that her parents and I chose for her.

Sorry to vent here, but I needed to get it out. I wish I could help her more and get her on the right team...but no one is listening!


Mindy said...

Sorry about the struggle over the computer error. What a pain! I can't imagine being a teacher mostly because I'd miss some kids way too much!