Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Excerpt from Dear Dumb Diary that made me LOL (Laugh Out Loud)

Dear Dumb Diary,

I spend something like eight months a year, seven hours a day with teachers. If they did, I'd know it. Moms do it. Dads do it. Beagles do it (sometimes so bad that your eyes burn and your lungs might try to escape by jumping out your mouth).
Even I do it. One time I had a fart that lasted so long, that around the midde of the fart I was thinking back to when the fart began.
Anyway, I was thinking about teachers and their intestinal gas today in school and that may have prevented me from learning anything. Maybe the teachers just need to try harder. (To teach me thing, that is. Not just to cut one.)
Seriously though, it's hard for me to blame teachers. It's probably pretty tough to stand up in front of us normal human beings and try to convince us that the equator is interesting, or the clothes that the people in Wheretheheckistan wear are beautiful. (Fashion in other countries sometimes appear to based on one person daring another person to wear something in public.)
Fortunately, I do have one teacher who I always like: Miss Anderson, my art teacher. She's my BFT, which is like a BFF but it's for teachers. She is pretty enough to be a waitress, and she notices important things like when I create my own private glitter blends. (Currently, I'm using a secret mixture of gold, red and magenta. It's pretty much magnificent.)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hello World

You are forewarned that this blog post is going to be random and will probably be LONG.

I'm thirty. THIRTY. When did that happen? We celebrated my birthday A LOT. Apparently, I'm a likable person. Nik threw me a surprise party with all my friends (except the ones that live overseas, AHEMLIZCONNORAHEM, and it was wonderful. He did a great job. I think he now appreciates how much work and stress putting together a party can be. I love that man so much. I'm so glad to be married to him. Nik and I also played hooky ON my birthday and just relaxed together. I was really wonderful. He took me out to lunch and we talked and ate and talked some more. I had a wonderful time. My students also threw me a surprise party that they told me about. (Go ahead a read that sentence again, yes, they told me about my party) They really put A LOT of thought and attention into everything and it was wonderful!

They gave me two Pandora charms for my bracelet and the best present of all? Food Poisoning. Yup. Seven kids from my class got food poisoning from the party. It was NOT a fun time. But, I've decided not to tell the parent who brought the culprit about it. No need to make her feel bad, I KNOW she didn't do it on purpose.

Friday, after my party, before I was sick, I chopped all my hair off. Well, I didn't chop it myself, I hired this lady to do it. (Julie's Mom!!)

and I think she did a pretty good job.

Sunday, Nik worked overtime, since he couldn't on Saturday since I was trying to keep all bodily fluids under control. The kids and I went to my Mom's and hung out with them, played some Wii and Scrabble and then went out to dinner. I was able to snap these adorable shots of Kate.

Now for more randomness.

I have "What's Next" syndrome. You know that feeling when everything is great, you know you love your life, but nothing BIG is happening and you're wondering, What's Next? Yeah, I have that.

I had a baby at 26, put on an addition to the house at 27, had a baby at 28, went to Ireland at 29 and 30? No big plans. We are going away for a long weekend in March...but no baby plans until I'm 31. (School year, DAMN YOU!) I wanted to work on my Master's Degree, but with the budget being frozen, the district wont pay for it. Why would I pay for it myself when it's in my contract that they WILL pay for it? (just not NOW, but they have to pay for it eventually) I want to have another baby, but Nik isn't ready yet, so we're waiting. Plus, if we did it now, we'd have another fall baby, and I couldn't do that to myself and my students again. So, What's Next, blogosphere?

Oh, I won two dollars playing Blackout Bingo! I have my first cavity, which I am getting filled today.