Thursday, August 14, 2008

Five facts about Michael Phelps' 5 gold medals...

1) If Michael Phelps were a country (Phelpsylvania, perhaps), he'd be tied for third overall in gold medals won.
2) In the total medal count, Phelps would be tied for 12th overall with the Netherlands.
3) India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt, Mexico and Bangladesh (appx. combined population = 2.1 billion) have earned a total of four Olympic medals in Beijing. Phelps (appx. population = 1) has five.
4) Phelps has won five of the eight gold medals awarded in the men's swimming competition.
5) Excluding the United States and Australia, the rest of the world has earned a total of five golds in the men's and women's swimming competition. Phelps -- well, you get the picture.

I stole this from yahoo, but I still love it!