Monday, August 11, 2008

A Baby Shopping Spree!

Saturday morning started off with Elaine calling us to ask us what kind of car seat we wanted for baby #2 and then just a few hours later she showed up with the car seat AND a new breastpump.  I love her, she spoils me so! (I didn't take a picture of the breastpump, I think it's great, but there's no need to share it!) So here's the new car seat!  It will fit all the old bases we have from Dougie (Dougie's car seat was ruined by the water in our basement).

Sunday morning, since it was raining (AGAIN!), Nik, Dougie and I went out to shop for baby #2, we were insprired by Elaine's shopping spree and spent about $300.00 (even bought some Christmas presents!) The next picture is the car seat again, but this time with a "Bundleme" installed.  Since this baby is going to be born in late fall, I wanted something that would stay put and keep baby warm!

We bought new sheets for the crib (even though the baby wont use the crib for a few weeks after it's born).  We decided not to use a bumper this time (mostly since it was a pain in the a** to change the sheets) so there is no extravagant crib shots, just a new sheet!

Target was having a sale on bouncy seats.  I had planned on picking up a used one at The Children's Orchard, but this one was the same price and it was new!  It vibrates and bounces, nothing special, but exactly what I wanted! I'd never seen this one before.  I like the colors a lot and it is light, so I can bring it up and down the stairs very easily.

I was so happy that we went to Target first, they have some good deals!  I already had a boppy that I used with Dougie, but I wanted to get another one so I wouldn't have to lug it up and down the stairs all the time. I also washed and dried my old one.  The polka-dot one is my new one and the yellow one is my old one. I couldn't live without my boppies!

Then we picked out going home outfits!  My favorite part!  We decided to get a boy and a girl outfit, instead of going neutral.  We were drawn to the boy clothes (Does that mean this one is a boy or are we just used to buying boy things?) This is our "boy" outfit.  It says "Roar!" in the corner and comes with cute little booties. I love the animals on it and a matching hat!

This is our "girl" outfit.  Nik helped me find it, he knows me VERY well.  Of course, it's purple, my favorite color!  I love this outfit...tooooo cute! It says "Little girls are hugs, kisses, giggles and love".  I have to find some booties or socks that match and maybe a hat too.  Ooooh!  I'm getting excited! 10 more weeks!

And here's your Dougie shot.  He's playing "Kneebouncers" on Nik's computer. 

Happy Monday!  I'm off to work in my classroom for a few hours.  I've been up since 4:45, thank to the Thunderstorms and my hips! I'll probably take a nap when Dougie takes one this afternoon....I've got to take advantage of the last few weeks of summer vacation!