Sunday, July 20, 2008

If you work in a Children's store...

Shouldn't you be able to read the body language of a frustrated mother?

When Hayley and I were checking out, I decided I needed a little bit of chocolate for the ride home. To set the scene, there were two people at cash registers and the line was taking FOR EVER to move. We had TWO tired toddlers with us who were ready to go and very small purchases to make. I only had M&Ms and Dougie was holding them, being VERY patient (as patient as a two year old can be!)

Well, I get to the cashier and hand her the M&Ms, Dougie started crying because he thought I was taking them away from him. I tried telling him I just had to pay for them, but he was SO overtired at this point he just went into hysterics. You would think that this lady would continue to cash me out quickly but instead she asked me some of the DUMBEST is how it all went down..Remember, Dougie is crying hysterically throughout this ENTIRE thing.

"Is this all for you today? -Lady
"Yes" -Me
"Did you find everything alright? -Lady
"Yes" -Me
"Is there anything else I could have helped you with today?" -Lady
"No, thank you." -Me
"Do you need any batteries with your purchase?" -Lady
"No, THANK YOU!" -Me
"Okay, that's $1.19, please swipe your card" -Lady
So, I swipe my card and start to put it away.
"I need to see your card to verify your signature." -Lady
"Okay," -Me (So I hand her my card)
"I can't see the signature, do you have an ID?" -Lady
"Yes, here you go" -Me
"Thank you, you should really think about signing your card again, Ma'am, I couldn't see your last name." -Lady
"Okay, Thank you." -Me
THEN, she turns to my son and says, "What's wrong honey?"

I understand what her job is, I get that my signature was worn off, but seriously? For $1.19??? If I were using a stolen credit card, I'd buy more than M&Ms.


Melissa said...

I hate when the cashier takes there dear sweet time if one of my kids is crying! I just want to jump behind the counter and ring it up myself!!!