Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Day!

Today marks weeks 28 in my pregnancy. I'm in the third trimester and I can *see* the light at the end of the tunnel. This past weekend was stressful and Sunday was just awful. I went to my 10 year high school reunion and spent the day talking about myself. I'd much rather be talking about my kids or my job than just about me (and having to say the same things over and over wasn't very fun either.) Overall, it was a pretty good reunion, the weather was nice, we had a good turnout and at least I wasn't the only pregnant one there (5 ups for Julie!).

Sunday was just a down day. I don't really know how to explain it any other way. I was just down. It was raining, Dougie was moody and Nik was going to the movies with Jamie. There wasn't really anything I could do except wait for the day to be over. When Dougie got up from his nap around 4:15 he just sat upstairs and cried. I had NO IDEA what was wrong with him and he couldn't tell me. He just kept saying "No, Mommy!" He stayed upstair for a good 20 minutes before I coaxed him to come down...still crying. Since my pregnancy hormones were in full swing yesterday, I sat on the couch and cried with him. He finally snapped out of it (and so did I) and we went to the grocery store (Through some of the worst thunderstorms I've driven through in a long time!) and got some sherbet.

Of course, there was no electricity when we got home, but we had a nice, family, candlelight dinner at the table!

It's amazing what a little retail therapy will do! This morning I set out to Motherhood to look for some sales and I found two really cute shirts on sale for $9.99! I am so happy! After that, Dougie and I went to Barnes and Noble. Dougie played with the trains and I looked at books for my class...I have $300 bucks to spend, but I want to spend it VERY wisely. I'm in desperate need of literature circle I'm going to make a list and ask for help when I go back. I decided to head over to school to see if Jerry was there to talk about my long term sub...he was and he just about made my day! Not only are we getting the ball rolling to get me a sub, he also told me that he ordered a computer for my classroom! This was the best news I heard all week! For those of you who might not know how my school budget works, every October/November I have to submit my "budget". I was told when I was first hired to put everything you could imagine on your budget and that the administration will cut where they think is necessary. I have a laptop that the district provides to each teacher, but other than that I have NO classroom computer. We have access to computers on wheels (COWs), they have about 25 laptops that are mobile and can go into any classroom, but I wanted a computer that could stay in my classroom all the time that the kids would have access to. Jerry told me today that he had to fight for it, but that it was ordered last week! HOORAY! I'm so excited. It doesn't sound like much, but I am THRILLED!


Mindy said...

What grade do you teach? It's always nice to have a computer in the class!! Congrats!!

My daughters elementary has been putting up "smart boards". I don't even know what they are, but I know DD was very happy that her class got one at the very end of last school year!! I can't wait for school registration in a couple weeks so I can see what she was talking about!

Pam said...

Oh My Gosh, I think I would just about pass out if I got a smart board! A smart board is something that hooks up to your computer and you can show computer documents on it and LOTS of curriculum programs have created things for them AND you can manipulate by just touching the board...someday,someday I'll get one too, I hope!

I teach 5th grade and I can't believe my summer is almost over, but that only means I'm close to meeting this baby!

Mindy said...

Oh ok...well the smart board thing seems a really neat idea then!! I don't want to put down the school that DD goes to because I love them, but what in the world would a kindergarten class need with a smart board?!?! LOL I think all the classrooms in her school have them now.

I always loved school growing up and I had amazing teachers the whole way through, but my own 5th grade teacher--I will never forget what a horrible awful woman she was. This will be long--but a boy in my class lost his dad to a brain tumor and she told him "that is no excuse for not having your homework done" and this was like 3 days after his dad had passed!

My one bad teacher doesn't make me appreciate teachers any less though. You all do a job that I couldn't fathom doing. It takes an incredible amount of patience and dedication (especially considering the salary!!). You're an incredible woman for doing it!!

BitTheCobble08 said...

How Did you find me!!!! Now you will be forced to read my dumbness everyday!!

Pam said...

I have my ways Hayley, I have my ways. Wanna play hooky today and go to the beach with me? I'm lonely!