Wednesday, July 16, 2008

as Dougie would say, "Are you sad, Mommy?"

I just got home from running a few errands while Dougie took his nap. Nik is home sick again, so I had the luxury of going out without a two-year old in tow.

I went to Target and Hannaford to pick up a few things. While I was checking out at Hannaford, there was this old man behind me in line. All he put on the belt to buy was a small can of corn...but sticking out (literally, half of the bag was sticking out) was a bag of cat food. I wanted to offer to buy the cat food him, but everything happened so fast. After I finished checking out, the cashier looked at me, then back at him and them looked at me again, almost asking me what she should do with her eyes. I signed my slip and before I could say anything, the cashier asked the man to put the cat food on the belt and to "wait right there". She called her manager and they excused him of trying to steal the cat food. I felt so much sympathy for this man, I wish I had spoken up and offered to buy the cat food.

I hope someone in management at the grocery store had a little bit of empathy and will hopefully not file charges against this man. He was simply trying to feed his cat! I don't think he was stealing for any bit of thrill or because he was so good at it (trust me, he wasn't very good at it!)

I am thankful for all I have. Thankful for my job, my husband and my family.