Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer? What Summer?

I'm sorry I've been neglecting my blog lately, things have not been good.  My last post was about my family being sick, we were all sick (except the baby!) and it took a good two weeks to get over it.  We've finally, just Monday, finished all of Dougie's meds and are on the mend.  

Saturday, July 25th, was Sharon's wedding.  She was beautiful!  Nik and I were so excited to have a night out.  Nik's mom came over, with a book and was ready to watch the kids and stay until we returned.  I saw some of my most favorite people there and was having such a good time...

Got a call that my father was being rushed into surgery. Now, for those of you who don't know, my father does not take care of himself.  He's had 7, yes SEVEN heart attacks.  My first reaction was to be angry.  Of course.  Of course my father is having surgery TONIGHT, because I'm having fun and with friends and I don't have a care in the world, TONIGHT. Then I started crying, because, well, what if this is the time he doesn't make it and my last thoughts of him were that of anger?  There were a lot of emotions in that 45 minute car ride.

So, LONG story short.

My Dad had emergency surgery to remove a blood clot that had formed by his right kidney, in the aorta. Blood flow was cut off to his legs for hours and at the time of surgery he couldn't feel them or move them. The doctors were able to save his legs, and his right foot, but his left foot doesn't look good.  The tops of his toes have started to turn black and he will probably lose some of his toes on that foot.  Saturday/Sunday we stayed at the hospital until 4 am. The surgery took that long.  Marc, Mom and I were able to see him, once they finally got him to his room in ICU, he was asleep, but looked peaceful.

He stayed asleep for 7 days.

They couldn't wake him up.  If they did wake him up, he probably would have died.

His kidneys became the new problem.  Since there was lack of blood flow to his kidneys, the numbers (I love doctor talk, don't you?) that were supposed to be around 1 were up to 4.2.  They had to keep him asleep until those numbers came down, and they didn't come down enough until Saturday, August 1.  

He's awake now, but doesn't remember much from the last week or so and his short term memory is good either. (Plus, he keeps telling us that he wants icecream, and that Marc has brought it, but there is no icecream and he's not allowed to eat at all).  

I've spent a lot of time in his room, but took the last couple of days off...since I don't want my kids to remember they spend their summer vacation in the Portsmouth Hopital ICU waiting room.

Now, it's August. I haven't been to school to work in my room at all, haven't been shopping for school, haven't even thought about the first day.  I just want to enjoy the last two weeks of summer before they are gone and the leaves start to change color and it's over.