Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sorry I've been gone...

Our whole house has been under started with me last Tuesday...I had a cough that developed into bronchitus and pneumonia.  Soon after I had a diagnosis, Nik was feeling ill and was told he had pneumonia.  Through the weekend we had helpers come help us with the kids, as we were fevering, coughing and really were in no shape to tend to small children.  Monday of this week, I thought we were in the clear and then Dougie started with a low-grade fever.  The Dr. didn't even request an xray, she just put him on anti-biotics.

We're keeping our doctor and our small town pharmacy in business this week.  Anti-biotics, inhalers, cough drops, cough syrup and anything else you can imagine we might need to feel better around here.

I believe we are almost in the clear...just waiting for Kate to start fevering...if she does, we know the drill. 


T.L. said...

Pam...we've been dealing with the same thing since the 4th, so I feel your pain. We are almost in the clear as well, but it's been a long road. Take care, and feel better soon!