Monday, August 24, 2009

Worthy of a post, I think.

You know when you are just up to your ears in sh*t that every little thing bothers you? I'm at that point. I got this email today from a custodian, and it makes me want to scream.

Hi Ladys,

It has come to my attention that you removed the staples from your bulletin boards and left the mess on your floors. I would appreciate it if you do this again that you clean the mess up. Thank you

Let's start with the obvious. Ladys? Try Ladies. and OMG I removed staples from a BULLETIN BOARD. Say what? You didn't know that you use staples on a bulletin board? Well you do. They hold up the paper and other things (boarders and such) that go on a bulletin board. And then I had the nerve to not pick up each individual staple? GET OUT!! I thought we had custodians who would sweep up the staples, or perhaps, even vacuum them up. How was I supposed to know that now, on top of EVERYTHING ELSE a teacher has to do, I also have to PICK UP F-ING STAPLES.

End of rant.


Anonymous said...

You should leave a note that says "I noticed when you were cleaning my room you didn't grade any of the papers on my desk. I would appreciate it if you see papers on my desk again that you grade them. Thank You"

Pam said...

This is brilliant! Who left this comment?