Friday, July 3, 2009

This is what life is all about...

This morning I let Nik sleep in (okay, really - he won at rock, paper, scissors for the opportunity to sleep in) and when he woke up I informed him that IT WAS NOT RAINING. I packed up the kids and some lunch and we drove to York Beach (Short Sands) to check out the new playground they put in. The smile on my kids faces, that's what life is about!

We're trying to teach Dougie how to swing himself, he LOVES the swings!

It was bright for Kate, she needs some sun glasses!

The slide was really tall!

Playin' in the ocean.

We had such a good morning! Playground, lunch on the beach, walk on the beach, the arcade, and then we each got a special treat at The Goldenrod. Came home, before the rain and the kids everyone had a nap!

Our new swing set comes next week!