Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby vs. Shoes

The battle began months ago. Kate will not keep shoes on her feet. The girl hates shoes. I bought her a really cute pair of Robeez. You know, the shoe that says, "Barefoot is best, choose Robezz next"? Yeah, how about, "Barefoot is best, your daughter can take these off in 2 seconds flat and trying to find them will be a pest."

The website even says "They stay on too, with elasticized ankles to ensure a perfectly snug fit!". Ha! I laugh in your general direction.

Dougie lived in his Robeez and couldn't get them off. I told all my friends about them, I raved about them! I think I was even a little depressed when he got old enough for regular shoes.

Kate can take these shoes off in 2 seconds. I literally put one on and she takes it off before I can put the other one on her other foot! We could play that game all day.

I've been on the search for some really nice, girlie any GD shoes that she will leave on her feet!! Today, my Mom suggested these:

I liked them. They were cute and girlie. So, $26.99 later they were ours. I tried them on her feet (in her excersaucer, where she can't reach her feet, so therefore, can't take them off!

Now for the real test. I took her and put her on the floor to play. And ten minutes later...

They are still on her feet! Hooray!

Pedipeds fo-evah.


T. said...

Love those shoes! Who sells them?

Pam said...

We got them at a store here in town called Red's Shoe Barn, but they sell them online, too!