Monday, May 4, 2009

Somebody has a case of the Mondays!

This morning was a bit rough on me. My class headed out on a three day field trip to Pinkham Notch and I stayed behind. So many people asked me why I wasn't going, I'm starting to wonder if anyone really pays attention to what goes on during a school year.

"Well, I had a baby in October and I'm still nursing, so..."
"She doesn't take a bottle?"
"She takes a bottle very well, but I'd be gone for three days, so..."
"She wont drink formula?"
"She could drink formula, but I choose to breast feed, so..."
"You couldn't just give it up for a few days?"
"No, it doesn't work like that..."

After I got my kids, chaperones and the teacher who is taking my place on the bus, I went back into my room to gather my things. I'm teaching art while the art teacher is being me on the trip. She gave me a DVD to show the classes while she's away.
I lost the DVD this morning...turned my room UPSIDE down to find it. Recruited help to find it and still couldn't Taught three classes without any formal training in art. Gave the kids 6 paints and then said, "You can't use paintbrushes, only your fingertips. GO!" It was a disaster. Awful. I hate every minute of it.

I went back to my room after three classes hoping to find it. It was right there! Sitting on a desk. I know we couldn't have missed it. Someone took it or found it....and then put it there. Otherwise, I'm losing my mind.

The last three classes of the day got to watch it.

It's interesting, but it doesn't really hold the attention of the kids...and, he swears twice. Thanks for heads up, Gale.