Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Teacher Post

I'm at school right now, teaching Science for the first time this year. I love Science. I'm starting with my electricity unit, which is SO much fun. It's completely student driven and self paced. The kids do about 10 experiments with a battery, light bulb and foil ribbon. The first experiment is my favorite. I give them all their supplies and tell them to light the light bulb. The trick is...I don't tell them how to do it. They have to figure it out themselves. Once they figure it out, I FORBID them to help other groups. Almost always, someone tries to help. My favorite part of the experiment is when they start figuring it out. Here are some of the things my kids have said during this experiment:

"Look, Look! I got it!"
"I think my lightbulb is broken, I can't get it to work."
"Mrs. Starkey, it's so hard not to want to help somebody."
"Why is my battery getting so hot?"
"Eric, Eric, Look! I got it to work!"

I love my job. Today has been a fun day!


Shar5309 said...

I love those kinds of days. I can't wait until I work with younger kids, because I think they will happen more often!

Pam said...

Hooray! Sharon has a blog! :-)