Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So, usually I enjoy eating lunch with adults. I spend all day with children, so when lunch time comes, lunch is usually a break from the mundane and the conversation is quite good. Today, the topic of "guns" came up and we discussed the 11 year old who shot his stepmother, well, I was corrected at lunch, it is his Dad's girlfriend, in the head while she was sleeping.  The woman was 8 months pregnant.  Then we started talking about guns...

I think my first mistake was thinking that I'm a good parent.  I stated that Dougie WOULDN'T HAVE ACCESS to guns.  The boy who shot his stepmother, I'm sorry, Dad's girlfriend, was given the gun as a GIFT for Christmas.  That would never happen in my house.  The conversation turned to wether or not my husband was a hunter and/or paintballer.  I told them that he was, but that my children wouldn't have access to his guns...apparently, I didn't make that clear.  Nik's guns aren't even kept at our house.  They are kept in a locked safe at his father's house, in the basement.  I made another mistake when I stated my distaste for AirSoft guns and what they teach children and then it happened. 

The one thing that I can't stand being told. 

The one thing that makes me roll my eyes and just stop talking.

The one that that I will never say to another parent.

"You say that now, just you wait..."

Ummm...NO! I wont wait.  I'm a good mother and I've already made the choice. Dougie WONT have guns.  If he chooses to hunt with his father, he'll take a gun safety course BEFORE he is allowed to go and he wont have HIS OWN GUN.  I wont buy him a paintball gun or a bbgun.  I'm too afraid of what might happen if he isn't responsible enough to have one or his friends aren't responsible. I WONT change my mind.  

End of Rant.


Nik said...

Just you wait Pam...just you wait...


I'm with you 100%!

The Galvin Family said...

Amen to that!! I'm right behind you...you aren't the only mommy who forbids her son (or daughters) from having guns! And kudos to you for sticking to yours!