Monday, October 4, 2010

In which I complain about the month of October

Do you know about October? I dread this month. At school it brings me NECAP Testing and Parent Teacher Conferences. I despise NECAP testing. It's SO boring for me. I end up spending hours on end surfing the internet and answering a question here and there. This time around it's going to last for SIX school days. My best friend lives in the future, people! This only gives me a couple hours a day for emailing before she retires for tea and dinner. NOT FAIR. Then there is the awkward Parent Teacher conference. "Hi, I've only known your son/daughter for 5 weeks. Let me tell you what I think about your child that you've know for 11 years. And now that Dougie's in school, that means that I not only have to have 19 conferences of my own, I also have to GO to a conference for him. He's in PREK. What can they tell me? He plays well? He can almost write his name?

And on top of it all, I went and decided to have a BABY in October! Which means I have to throw a birthday party! Oh, and two of my friends had babies the same week!! Do you know how many parties I have to go to in October? Please understand that I WANT TO GO TO THE PARTIES, but at the same time, I want to have a weekend where I can sit in my PJs and do nothing all day. There's also my mother's birthday and my nieces birthday. Thank goodness Nik and I didn't get married in October!

Plus I'm tired. I have prenatal appointments all the time and I like to complain!!!