Saturday, May 29, 2010

It sounds fun, but after two weeks, it's not so much...

Ahh, the solar car unit. The kids ACHE to start this unit all year long. The excitement builds as the snow begins to melt and we start talking about Pinkham Notch...then, after we return, it's go time. This year my students made 7 cars. Almost all of them ran in the races the other day. For some reason some of them didn't leave the starting line. Here's a few shots I managed to take on Thursday, the day of the race!
Getting ready to start a race, covering the solar panels with cardboard!

and away they go!

a shot of a couple cars from my class...

They are all so CREATIVE!

This car was not from my class, but won the "kids choice" award for most creative! (Each car had to hold a 'payload' which was a soda can) Love this one!