Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Boy


Douglass Aiden Starkey
Born: March 28, 2006
8 lbs even
20 inches
Likes: eating, pooping, sleeping
Dislikes: getting diaper changed, sleeping through the night, losing his pacifier.
Nicknames: Little Dougie, LD, Dougie


Over three feet tall
44 pounds
Likes: baseball, Super Friends, Wii, pushing his sister, cuddling before going to the sitter's house, swimming, playing outside
Dislikes: potatoes, cooked carrots, waking up, timeouts for pushing his sister.

Dougie turned 4 this weekend while we were in Vermont. I can't believe 4 years had gone by since he was born! Time flies. This morning I called and set up an appointment to register Dougie for Pre-Kindergarten. Public School! I can't believe he's already ready for public school!

Dougie changed my life from the moment I found out I was pregnant. I love you, Dougie!