Monday, June 15, 2009

Inside the cake...and my kids students.

I told the kids students that the cake was a surprise and that there was also a surprise inside the cake.  They were so excited (mind you, they had also just pigged out on pizza) that they really wanted me to cut it.  They were yelling out ideas of what they thought was in it (pudding! chocolate! M&Ms! pudding! pudding! I bet it's pudding!) Yeah, they really thought it was pudding.

The first slice looked AWESOME!  Exactly the look I was hoping for!

Birthday boy got the first slice...

The food coloring had some side effects.

but in the end, the cake was GONE.

This picture is just to show you that something went wrong with the yellow layer...why is it so much smaller?


T.L. said...

Pam, that is one fun, awesome looking cake. Even the crumbs on the platter are pretty!

Nicole said...

Wow, this cake is fan-tastic! I almost can't believe it!