Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It was bound to happen...

Sooner or Later.

Today I was taking care of my business like I do every day at lunch time. There is another mommy here at school that has an October baby, and we've worked out a really great pumping schedule. Since we have lunch at the same time, she pumps first, from 11:45-12:00 and I pump second, after she comes into the break room. Today was no different, she came in and I left to go do my business.

The pumping room that we have at school is an old locker room office. Our school used to be a Junior High, so the locker rooms are now used for storage, pumping and we have a boy that periodically needs changing and that is set up in the locker room as well. The room that I use is in the locker room, but has a separate door, a covered window and a desk that we pump at (Thankfully, it also has a sink so we can wash our pump parts!). Today, I was just settling in (you know, picture what someone might have to do if they are pumping their breasts, both of them, at the same time) when...

BAM. The head custodian comes barreling in! Seriously! The dude didn't even knock.

I think he was in more shock than I was, but eventually my supply came back and I was able to finish. How long do you think he'll avoid me for?