Thursday, December 11, 2008

8 weeks! Oh My!

I started a "Day in the Life" post the other day and I was doing really well taking pictures and all...then I realized that I have two kids and not enough time to take pictures and take care of them! Oh well.

School has been crazy. I can't write about specifics on here but it's not going well. The grouping of my kids just doesn't work. We're trying to fix it (my principal, sub and myself), but it still needs a lot of work. They are behaving so badly that my sub rarely rewards them anymore and also decided against letting them do a Yankee Swap at the Holiday Party. I agree with him about everything, I would have probably have decided the same thing if I were there. February 2nd can take its time getting here, I wont mind! I have another 6 weeks of leave and I couldn't be happier. Only 4 weeks of my leave is unpaid, but we'll make it through it!

Christmas is just around the corner and I've been taking advantage of Dougie going to his sitter's house on Tuesdays to do my shopping. It's also been great just to have a day with Kate! She really enjoys being in the Baby Bjorn (which I got BRAND NEW for $12.99!!!) and everyone always stops me to tell me how beautiful she is (I don't mind it one bit, but it sure slows me down sometimes!)

Here are some pics for my blog readers!